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Six Steps to Set Yourself Up for a Raise

Six Steps to Set Yourself Up for a Raise

Clare O'Keeffe, Monster Contributing Writer

Many employees feel they’re underpaid for the work they do, yet they wait until their yearly performance review to negotiate a higher salary. But if you wait until then, you’ll be too late. You need to prepare year-round for that discussion. The following steps can help make sure you’re in position for a raise when review time comes around.

2. Track Your Progress


After you’ve finalized your job description and set future goals, document your progress. Each time you complete a task or reach a specific goal, record what you’ve done. This personal job data will be useful during your performance review. Instead of speaking generally about the work you’ve been doing, you’ll be able to point to specific examples of the progress you’ve made. This information may also indicate to your employer that your job is evolving — and that it’s time for an increase in responsibility, title and salary.

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