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Ergonomics for Rad Techs

Ergonomics for Rad Techs

Megan Malugani / Monster Contributing Writer

Prioritize Occupational Health in Job Decisions

Along with the standard salary and benefits considerations, weigh a potential employer’s commitment to occupational health. See how far apart patients are scheduled, which will indicate whether your body will have time to recover during the workday. Find out whether you’ll be stuck in the same room doing the same task repetitively or rotated to different tasks, which is better for your body, Baker says. Does the employer have state-of-the-art equipment, or are you expected to produce phenomenal images on equipment barely capable of producing them? Are table heights adjustable? Do colleagues help one another?

But be careful how you present these questions, Baker says, lest the potential employer write you off as a future claimant. “Ask how many people in the department have been occupationally injured,” she advises. “It tells you a whole lot if they say that’s why they’ve got this job opening in the first place.”

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