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7 Secrets to Career Success

7 Secrets to Career Success

Keith Ferrazzi for Monster

But what my resume fails to show – as yours probably does, too – are the names of all the generous people who helped me along the way. I wouldn’t have gone to Yale if my father didn’t have the audacity to ask the CEO of his company (my dad’s boss‘s boss’s boss’s boss’s boss), whom he had not previously met, to get me into an amazing elementary school. I wouldn’t have attended Harvard if Elsie Hillman hadn’t lent me money for business school. I wouldn’t have been so successful at Deloitte if then-CEO Pat Loconto hadn’t cared so deeply about my growth and development. The list goes on and on.

Your resume, your list of wonderful people who made you a success and your overall happiness can grow endlessly too if you’ll adopt the proper relationship mind-set.

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No More Rugged Individualism

You’ll have to throw out many of the things you’ve been taught in the past, like that fantasy of John Wayne-style rugged individualism leading you to your dreams. You’ll have to throw out that prideful “I don’t want anything I don’t earn myself” BS. And you’ll have to believe that a broad web of genuine, intimate relationships with colleagues, friends and mentors will be the most valuable thing you can create for your career, your company, your family and indeed, your entire life.

You can’t get there alone. But you can get there. Oh yes, if a country kid from Pennsylvania can make it, so can you.

Success Secret #2: Make Business Relationships Personal

The most common mistake people make when building relationships for success is treating business contacts differently than personal friends.

Just think for a moment about the people you work with on a professional level who are also close, personal friends. Aren’t they always more forgiving when you slip up and more helpful when you’re in need? Of course! I guarantee your work will become easier and more joyful if you make more of your business relationships personal.

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