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Are You Underpaid?

Are You Underpaid?

Kim Lankford / Monster Contributing Writer

Is Pay Really the Issue?

Finally, step back and examine why you feel you’re underpaid. Sometimes the issue goes beyond money. “One of the reasons some people feel like they’re underpaid is if there’s too much personal cost to what you’re doing,” says Karen Wright, president of Parachute Executive Coaching. “If you’re doing the completely wrong thing, no matter how much you’re being paid, it’s never truly going to be enough.”

Wright recommends thinking about what will make you happier. It may be more money, but it may also be a shorter commute, flexible hours, a less-stressful company or a different boss. It helps to know you’re being paid fairly, but you’ll be a lot less worried and resentful if you actually like your job.

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