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Make Your Work Life Merry During the Holidays

Make Your Work Life Merry During the Holidays

Marty Nemko / Monster Contributing Writer

It’s tempting to rationalize that no one’s hiring until the new year, so you might as well dump your job search down the chimney and focus on the holidays at hand. Alas, my frosty snowman, you’re wrong.

The holidays are among the best times to look for a job. Business slows down now, so when you call to try to get Scrooge to create a job for you, he might actually have time to talk turkey. Some companies have just firmed up their budgets and are finally in a position to deck their halls with new employees. And many job seekers hear the sound, not of silver bells, but of silver coins when it comes time for salary negotiation. After all, aren’t employers more likely to feel the season’s spirit?

Essential Job-Hunting Information

The Holidays Bring Job Opportunities

Looking for an interim holiday job? Many retailers hire customer service reps. That could be the right job for you if you can maintain holiday cheer in the face of bah-humbugging customers.

Don’t relish the idea of hamming it up with customers at your local department store? Maybe you’d like to deliver holiday packages for a delivery service. Who knows? If you create some joy in your employer’s world, she might hire you through and beyond January.

Already Have a Job?

Do you hear what I hear? Your biggest opportunity may be the office Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa party. It can be a chance to exchange a few ho-ho-hos with one of your organization’s big Santas, but you’d better strike the balance between talking enough shop to get what you want without seeming like the Grinch.

Of course, the office holiday party is a litigator’s delight. One wrong word, and your goose could be cooked — well, sued. Flirt with your supervisee, and instead of hearing angels on high, you could be listening to the sounds of a sexual harassment suit.

Workplace Gift Giving

And then there’s the question of gifts. What to give and to whom? Gifts can be fraught: “That was too personal!” “That wasn’t personal enough!” “That was too cheap!” “That was too extravagant!” Well, not that.

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