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10 Ways to Lose Your Healthcare License

10 Ways to Lose Your Healthcare License


6. Falsifying Patient Records

Maybe you had been working 12 hours and were too tired to complete that patient record. Maybe you gave your patient a little extra morphine to help him get through the night, but you didn’t record it. Whatever the case, falsifying patient records is grounds for license revocation. In the best-case scenario, your falsified record gets you in trouble, but doesn’t affect anyone else. Worst-case scenario? Something happens to your patient.

7. Unprofessional Conduct

This broad term allows state boards to be subjective in judging why a healthcare professional might get his license revoked. “Unprofessional conduct” can range from using inappropriate language around colleagues and patients to having an affair with a superior. Although it seems obvious, many healthcare workers fail to understand why their conduct may be called into question. The level of professionalism in the healthcare field is of the utmost importance, and employers won’t take kindly to those few employees who exhibit inappropriate behavior of any sort. First-time offenders may only be reprimanded or suspended temporarily, but keep it up and you may be out of a job before you know it.

8. Hosting a Pornographic Website

Believe it or not – it happens. Just this last year, a nurse in Pennsylvania got her licensed revoked because she was hosting her own pornographic website. This most likely falls under “Unprofessional Conduct,” and it’s easy to chuckle at. But with today’s advancements in technology, and the widespread range of the internet, healthcare professionals who use their webcams to do a little work on a side may find themselves without a job.

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