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Manage Work/Life Stress During the Holidays

Manage Work/Life Stress During the Holidays

Todd Wheeler, Concierge Resource

Denver, Colo. – With the holidays upon us, already stressful times become even more challenging. The headlines scream of economic downfall, corporate giants crumbling, jobs balancing on a thread, and expectations of Norman Rockwell holiday bliss cause great stress for even the most balanced individuals.

Concierge Resource, a life management firm providing on-site and virtual assistance to employees of hospitals and corporations, offers suggestions on managing stress between work and home during the holidays:

1. Set realistic goals – What can you actually accomplish right now? For instance, if a project depends on reaching clients, can you get through right now? Holiday and vacation schedules can make reaching clients challenging. Focus on getting done what is within your control, and, if you can, put off what you need others to help with.

2. Set up an organization plan – What needs to be done first, second, third? By organizing your goals into a plan, you have more control over the timing and the involvement of others to get things accomplished.

3. Break big projects into smaller tasks – Instead of “buy holiday gifts for my staff,” get specific – consider “Buy scarves for women on my team, and gift cards for the guys.” Also don’t wander the mall, go with a specific purpose or item(s) in mind.

4. Keep track of finances – set up a system to track spending. Times are stressful enough without worrying that you could be breaking the budget. Even a shoebox just for receipts is better than shoving them into a mass of mail, receipts and papers. Set time aside once a week to tally the expenses to ensure you’re on track with your budget.

5. Ask for help – Instead of taking everything on yourself, who can you enlist to help? How about asking your spouse to shop for their side of the family, and you take care of yours? Can your babysitter help a few extra hours a week? With many looking to earn extra cash this holiday season, it is not hard to find an extra set of hands. Maybe your employer can bring in assistance to help manage the stress level at the office?

6. Put off until tomorrow, what you can – Ask yourself, “Do I really need to do this today?” Some things we consider priorities can in fact be delayed until our plates are not as full.

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