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How Well Are You Really Performing at Your New Job?

How Well Are You Really Performing at Your New Job?

John Rossheim / Monster Senior Contributing Writer

When Should You Start Asking for Feedback?

There’s no reliable rule of thumb about when you should begin looking into how you’re doing on a new job; it’s a function of the corporate culture that you’re stepping into.

How Assertive Are You?

1. Youre more likely to:

Do what I want and apologize later
Ask for permission first

“We give our own new hires feedback after a couple of days,” says Ann Houlihan, CEO of coach and HR consulting firm Golden Key Leadership. “Most companies I deal with are starting to offer a quick review at 30 days. If you wait 90 days, you’re just in suspense.”

Other managers say you should concentrate on excelling in your daily performance and not worry much about the bigger picture for a while. “You should wait two to three months and then do your mini-360-degree review,” says Michael Watkins, author of The First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels.

No doubt, asking about your performance too often is a turn-off. “Don’t be needy,” says Alan Weiss, principal of Summit Consulting Group. “Managers usually can’t stand people who are always trying to find out how much they are appreciated.”

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