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Prep for Your Performance Appraisal in Healthcare

Prep for Your Performance Appraisal in Healthcare

Renee Berg, Monster Contributing Writer

Take the Positive and Negative

Even with all your preparation, your performance review is unlikely to be entirely positive. Kalagher says you should be ready with a plan to address any weaknesses your supervisor might bring up.

“It’s obvious that whomever is giving the review will look for strengths and weaknesses,” Kalagher says. “The employee should be prepared for that and should say how they’re going to improve.”

Remaining businesslike throughout the review is also important. Going into the performance appraisal prepared to hear both positive and negative feedback is best.

Fuimano says healthcare workers need to remember that their performance appraisals are an opportunity to improve their careers. Too often, they lose sight of their own goals, she says.

“This is the caregiver’s mantra,” Fuimano explains. “We learn to put everyone before ourselves, and that’s not a good thing.”

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