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What's Holding You Back in Your Career?

What's Holding You Back in Your Career?

Ian Christie, Monster Contributing Writer

Understand Why You’re Resisting

Common reasons include lack of clarity about the next step, poor work habits, operating out of your comfort zone and fear. If you understand the root cause of your resistance, you can start to do something about it. Use these techniques:

• Work within a structure. For example, use the first hour of your day (before even checking email) to tackle whatever you’re resisting.
• Determine the next, specific action, and do it.
• Break daunting work into small steps. Start the first step now.
• Overcome fear, inertia or shyness by putting your resistance in perspective. The importance of your job search, earning a living or performing well in your position far outweigh any real or imagined consequences that could result from these reasons for resisting.

Of course, resistance can be a good thing if taking immediate action could have negative consequences. Say you’re angry about how your manager treats you, and you want to get that anger off your chest. Spouting off to the boss the first chance you get could jeopardize your living. Instead, find a safer way to vent, like confiding in a friend. Then develop strategies to address the real problem.

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