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6 Tips to Get Noticed in Your Healthcare Job

6 Tips to Get Noticed in Your Healthcare Job

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Megan Malugani | Monster Contributing Writer

6. Be Proactive about Your Professional Development

Healthcare professionals with lofty professional aspirations need to take control of their own career development. “Most leaders in healthcare administration admire someone who wants to be developed and who can accept feedback,” Studer says. Studer recommends sending an email or note to your boss requesting a meeting to discuss four questions:

• Can you tell me what I’m doing well? • What are some things you feel I could do better? • Are my priorities in place? • What training or education would you recommend?

Discussing these four points periodically can help an up-and-comer skyrocket to the top quickly. “Healthcare leaders always feel that employees who take control of their professional development are very mature,” Studer says. “They’re shocked that the employee is open to development.”

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