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Stress-Relieving Home Decor Ideas on a Budget

Stress-Relieving Home Decor Ideas on a Budget

Kim Danger |

Kim Danger, nationally-recognized savings expert and founder of, has teamed up with Uniroyal Tire to release a series of e-books for the frugal-minded. The team’s e-books and videos can be found here, and they are available for free.

My latest e-book, Pamper Yourself for Less, is all about making yourself a priority and creating some “me time.” The best place to start pampering yourself is in the home, so I have some tips to make your home more relaxing.

Remove the Extras

When you de-clutter your home, you’re not only getting rid of unwanted belongings, you’re removing “dead weight” from your life.

This can surely be an overwhelming process, so I recommend starting the habit to clean for 15 minutes a few times a week. Once it becomes part of your routine, it’s going to be much easier to keep things tidy. After all, we bring things into our home on a regular basis, so it’s only natural that we remove what we don’t use.

Make sure to keep a box somewhere in a central location for unwanted items that you don’t want to throw away: you can donate them to Goodwill, or you could sell them on eBay if they are still in good condition.

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  • Feeling_great_max50


    over 5 years ago


    i'm all about the feng shui in the home. your bed should always be the furthest away from your bedroom door. if your door is on the lower right-hand corner, your bed should be in the opposite, diagonal corner. i feel like this energy flow gives a good vibe to my room!

  • Nurse_avatar_max50


    over 5 years ago


    Mirrors are definitely a BIG help in making living spaces look larger and less cluttered. I've got a couple of large ones in my living room, and it definitely expands your space!

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