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Stress-Relieving Home Decor Ideas on a Budget

Stress-Relieving Home Decor Ideas on a Budget

Kim Danger |

Kim Danger, nationally-recognized savings expert and founder of, has teamed up with Uniroyal Tire to release a series of e-books for the frugal-minded. The team’s e-books and videos can be found here, and they are available for free.


As one of our most powerful senses, smell stimulates the part of the brain that connects memory and emotion. Aromatherapy has been connected with relieving stress, energizing the body and promoting general well-being.

Health claims aside, fragrances can help create a welcoming and calming home environment. Some frugal Do-It-Yourself ideas include:

1. Essential Oils
Essential oils are scents created from plant extracts. I like to put about 15 drops of lavender in a spray bottle of water to make a homemade air freshener. You could spray your pillow (or just put a few drops directly on your pillowcase) to get a more restful sleep.

2. Sweet Smelling Fabrics
Combine four tablespoons of fabric softener with a half gallon of water in a spray bottle to create a homemade fabric spray. Try it on sheets and towels for a fresh scent.

3. Do It Yourself Simmering Scents
Peel an apple or an orange and simmer the peels in a little water on the stove. Add some cinnamon, clove or nutmeg to get a great scent throughout your house.

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