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13 Bosses and How to Make Them Love You

Alice Handley and Kayla Baxter

The Nitpicker

Distinguishing characteristics: Fierce attention to detail, red pens, lots of spare time.

What they do: The Nitpicker is a micro-manager who likes to control all of your work, all the time. Did you save the hospital money on equipment? It’s not nearly enough. Work hard on a killer presentation? There’s a punctuation error on the 10th slide. Nothing you do is ever good enough for The Nitpicker, and that can cause your own faith in your abilities to slip. You’ll spend all your time second-guessing yourself instead of innovating.

How to make her love you: Instead of letting the Nitpicker drain you of all motivation, learn to work by your own standards. Try finding someone else at work to be your mentor, because you surely won’t get coaching out of her, unless it’s to point out all your faults. You might also try working one step ahead of The Nitpicker, detailing every single thing you do, so you’ll be ready for the inevitable barrage of questions.

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