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10 Things NOT to Wear to Your Work Holiday Party


What Not to Wear #6:
Too Much Chest

Why Not?

Clothes are meant to cover you, especially at work. You may be in great shape and want to show off a little too much of your body. Hold up! Ensure your cover workers remain seeing you as a professional after the party wraps.

Showing a little leg is one thing, but too much revealing cleavage (ladies) is inappropriate and could be a turn off. Save showing off this part of your body (if you must) for around the pool, sunning on your deck, at home with your significant other, or on vacation- NOT sipping drinks with your boss.

Avoiding low cut shirts isn’t just advice for the ladies. Guys, if there’s a fistful of chest hair popping out of your shirt, button it up! Better yet, don one of the many stylish ties you get this time of you….but see number #9 for tips on picking the right one.

Try This Instead

Guys, if you’re trying to seem more casual than usual by taking the tie off and unbuttoning the shirt, that’s great. One button is plenty. Wear a blazer or jacket to control the collar popping out too far.

Ladies: If you want to draw attention to your neckline or small waist, go for a slimmer fitting shirt than you usually wear and compliment it with a great statement necklace.

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