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20 Easy Ways to Be Happier

Tania Khadder & Kayla Baxter | AllHealthcare


Wakey wakey...

5) Paint Your Toenails… Even in the Winter
In the winter months, it’s easy to ignore your feet until they morph into a Shrek-like monstrosity. Who’s going to see them anyway, right? Wrong. You are! So give them a soak, a scrub, a bit of moisture, and a dash of color. You’ll feel better instantly.

6) Wake up the Right Way
Are you coffee lover? Wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee by investing in a percolator with a programmable timer. Tired of waking up to the shriek of a buzzer or the irritating voice of the talk radio host? Get yourself an alarm clock that wakes you up with natural light and sounds. 

7) Talk About Something New
People tend to get stuck on the same old topics of conversation.  Stimulate your mind and encourage others too by finding one little interesting tidbit a day and starting a conversation by saying, “Did you hear about _________? What do you think?”

8) Refuse to Give Advice
The easiest way to get sucked down the negative spiral is by participating.  Do your friends a favor:  When they start unloading their problems on you, let them figure it out on their own.  The reverse is also true — don’t bore your friends with your problems.  Focus on fun!

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