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The ‘Skinny’ On Hospital Food

The ‘Skinny’ On Hospital Food

The Bad

Everything pre-packaged and older than the current day
You would think this would be obvious, but be sure to stay far away from anything that comes pre-made, or is wrapped in cellophane and put back on the shelf. This is just an opportunity for an upset stomach, let alone the preservatives and sodium it is probably harboring.

Du Jour Menu
How long has it been brewing and boiling? Think about the food itself – how do you prepare it? Does it look undercooked? Overcooked? Is it raw? Is it fried? Even the most heavily advertised ‘healthy’ food is NOT that healthy.

Vending Machines
Do I really have to explain?

Junk Food Alley
This is the cheap version of Pizza Hut, McDonalds, and all the other ‘fast-food’ knock-off foods offered- hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza, ‘Chinese’. Etc. I hate to even have to mention this oh-so obvious dreadful food choices, but there are individuals out there that think since it’s not from the popularly-named food chains that for some crazy reason it’s healthy?? (And we wonder why our waistlines are not slimming down?)

The Good

Anything made fresh daily
I worked in a hospital that had a Deli. MM MM MM. They had some great food. Everything — sandwiches, subs, hot or cold. It was made on the spot right in front of you (once again this is ideal, but not commonplace). With this option be careful of the ‘fixins’, condiments, and amount of bread you’re using. The bread alone is a killer on calories.

Now lets be clear here, I’m talking fresh salad. Not the stuff you see wrapped in the wonderful cellophane from yesterday. Is the lettuce green or is it darkened and wilted? Is there more than just lettuce in that salad? Also be sparing with your choices of salad dressing. It’s not the salad that gets you, it’s what you choose to drown your salad with that does. I like to ‘doctor’ my salad with colors (vegetables and fruits). The more colors, the healthier it is. Also the occasional crouton, sesame seeds, olives, nuts, etc won’t hurt either (remember this all about the lesser evil).

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