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8 Quirky Types of Hospital Visitors

Hamsa Ramesha | Allhealthcare

8 Quirky Types of Hospital Visitors

1. The M.D.

There are M.D.s and then there are M.D.s, better known as Make-believe Doctors. You know, the type who thinks they hold an M.D. degree and force their medical know-how upon anyone in the near vicinity. This kind of hospital visitor doesn’t trust anybody’s diagnosis, no matter what degree they hold. Armed with the power of Google, WebMD, and of course, Wikipedia, these wannabe M.D.s are nothing but trouble and potentially a danger to the patient if they get in the way of your treatment plan.

They question each move you make (from changing bandages, to upping the patient’s meds), quibble over every notation on the patient’s chart, and pester the hospital staff about signs, symptoms, and experimental treatments that they think you should be doing instead.

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