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8 Quirky Types of Hospital Visitors

Hamsa Ramesha | Allhealthcare

8 Quirky Types of Hospital Visitors

2. The Hospital Mommy

If you thought that M.D.s were all over the place, wait until you’ve met the Hospital Mommy. This kind of hospital visitor, who may or may not be the patient’s biological mother, is a mommy to everyone. She won’t just bring the patient homemade chocolate chip cookies; she’ll bake enough for a small army and feed the entire hospital if given the chance.

The Hospital Mommy decorates every spare inch of the patient’s room with flowers, cards, stuffed animals, food, and other miscellaneous knickknacks. Don’t be surprised if her motherly love and attention spills out of the patient’s room and onto the nurse’s station, showering you with little treats. You may often find her by the patient’s bedside, knitting needles clacking away, or gabbing with another nurse.

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