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8 Quirky Types of Hospital Visitors

Hamsa Ramesha | Allhealthcare

8 Quirky Types of Hospital Visitors

7. The Advocate

The Advocate is the type of hospital visitor who isn’t shy about making her opinions known. She’ll get loud and angry fast if she thinks something is off. But despite her actions, know that she always has the >patient’s best interest at heart, even if she is wrong. The Advocate can get a little – ok, a lot – in your face, but her intentions are the same as yours: making sure the patient gets better.

Like the M.D., the Advocate is prone to questioning every decision made by you and the doctor. She wants – and demands – the very best for the patient, and isn’t hesitant to put everything you do under a microscope. Nothing escapes her critical eye, which means any mistake made is an opportunity for her to put you out to dry. Don’t take it personally.

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