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When to Argue With the Doctor

When to Argue With the Doctor

Most of our daily problems, including common annoyances such as arguments with coworkers, are dismissed as not life or death. However, when nurses, healthcare professionals, and doctors are involved, it can be a matter of life or death. Egos need to be left outside the hospital by the professionals entrusted with the health and safety of the patients they care for, which sometimes means you must argue with doctors.

The problem is that a hospital isn’t really conducive to arguing. And doctors aren’t like lawyers, who argue for a living. They’re used to having everyone accept their opinion as gospel, and can take it as a personal affront when anyone disagrees with them. Unfortunately, doctors are people and people make mistakes, and with nurse practitioners and RNs taking on more and more duties, nurses and doctors butting heads is becoming increasingly common.

Here are four times when it’s OK to argue with your doctor.

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