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    Managers as Motivators: Effective Motivational Tools

    Managers who understand what motivates each employee can tailor incentives accordingly. But your motivational toolbox should go beyond rewarding excellent work. Just as important to keeping workers engaged is a plan for encouraging, consoling and embracing them when they invariably slip off track. But how do you find the right balance between supporting employees and pushing them to meet high standards? ...
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    Managers as Motivators: Understand the Guiding Principles Part 1

    Think the promise of promotion into management would motivate most employees? Not so, according to a survey by staffing firm The Creative Group, which found 71 percent of workers surveyed would not want their manager's job. "A manager needs to get to know his or her employees," says Carol E. Gilson, vice president of human resources and client services for EMPO, ...
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    Mentoring Rules: 5 for Mentors and 5 for Mentees

    Mentoring relationships can be among the most rewarding career-related interactions you'll have -- if you take full advantage of them. Whether you're interested in mentoring someone or looking for a mentor to help steer your career in the right direction, these guidelines can help you get and stay connected with the right person. Five Tips for Being a Great Mentor 1. ...
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    Second-Career RTs: Strategies for Making a Successful Transition

    Second-Career RTs: Strategies for Making a Successful Transition
    Many career changers discover age is no obstacle to starting over as a radiologic technologist (RT). They find employers value their maturity, stability and strong educational preparation. In addition, the experience gained during clinical rotations helps ease the transition into the new work environment. Three latecomers to radiologic technology share their insights on the field, as well as their strategies for ...
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