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    How Well Are You Really Performing at Your New Job?

    How Well Are You Really Performing at Your New Job?
    When you start a new job, human nature is to focus on the surface of things: the photocopied vision statement included in your orientation package, how your peers dress and the date HR designates for your first performance appraisal. But if you’re going to use this job to further your career goals - or even if you just want to last ...
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    Six Tips to Survive Your First Year as a Hospital RN

    The first year on the job is often the toughest for new nursing graduates, especially those who work in hospitals. In fact, new nurse graduates account for more than half of the turnover rate in some hospitals, according to a study published in 2007 by Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing researchers. “There really are multiple reasons for [the first-year ...
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    10 Things NOT to Wear to Your Work Holiday Party

    December is great time year! The work load lessens and social calendars fill up. Most employers get into the spirit of the holidays by hosting a party to celebrate the year's accomplishments. It's a time to kick back, relax, and get to know your fellow coworkers on a more personal level. If you've worked hard on your professional reputation, don't ...
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    13 Bosses and How to Make Them Love You

    Along with paychecks, deadlines, and overtime, bosses are one of the things you just can’t avoid in the workplace. But how to identify these strange characters and deal with them? Don’t go it alone — it’s a jungle out there. We show you how! [page] The Robot Distinguishing characteristics: An empty work space, no family pictures. What they do: All business, ...
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    8 Things to Never Say to a Patient

    You don’t get to choose your patients. So your relationship with them can range anywhere from “match made in heaven” to “your worst nightmare.” Any appointment can be a potentially difficult situation, mainly because when patients come to see you, they’re probably already anxious. They may be concerned about what’s ailing them, be uncomfortable with the sterile atmosphere, or have a ...
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    When to Argue With the Doctor

    When to Argue With the Doctor
    Most of our daily problems, including common annoyances such as arguments with coworkers, are dismissed as not life or death. However, when nurses, healthcare professionals, and doctors are involved, it can be a matter of life or death. Egos need to be left outside the hospital by the professionals entrusted with the health and safety of the patients they care for, ...
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    The Right Way to Say, "I Quit!"

    The Right Way to Say, "I Quit!"
    The job market is finally showing signs of life--and that means more workers will likely have the opportunity to change jobs in the coming months. It's clear that many will welcome this: A recent survey by the Corporate Executive Board, a research and advisory services company, found that 25 percent of workers whom employers had labeled as having high potential were ...
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