Choose a Travel Healthcare Company

By Jennifer LeClaire | Monster Contributing Writer

With the rising demand for travel healthcare workers, those who are willing and able to pack up and go will find unlimited employment opportunities. But how do you determine which company to work for? The keys to finding the best match include understanding your personal preferences and career goals, doing your homework, and comparing and contrasting each company.

Decide What You’re Looking For

Before you begin applying, understand what you want out of a travel company. Your personal preference and career goals should be your guide. Is money your main motivator? Do international opportunities excite you? Knowing what you are looking for will help you identify the best fit between your requirements and the company’s proposition.

Get the Lay of the Land

Next, doing your homework will lead you to a wise decision. Exploring the world of travel companies online is a good way to gather lots of information quickly. You can find information about a company’s compensation package, benefits and other perks on corporate Web sites and in trade journals. This initial investigation will help you eliminate companies that don’t fit your needs. While this takes time, a strong knowledge of the landscape will increase your chances of selecting the perfect match.

Get the Inside Scoop

Talk to people who have taken assignments with the companies you are targeting to get firsthand knowledge about how employees are treated. What you find out may surprise you — for good or bad. After you winnow down the possibilities, begin making phone calls to recruiters and request materials. Clean, professional recruitment materials are the sign of a solid company, but you cannot judge a suitable match based on this alone.

Give Them a Grilling

As you review the materials, develop questions that will help you get beyond the surface for a deeper understanding of what differentiates each company in the marketplace. Don’t be shy about asking questions and verifying information that is published in their materials. Good recruiters will take the time to ensure you have all the information you need and will follow up to make sure there are no loose ends that would prevent you from selecting their company. Be sure to ask about bonus programs, flexibility and continuing-education opportunities. The best companies will offer a variety of perks to attract the brightest talent.

Take Your Time

While recruiters will be eager to hire you and may offer attractive compensation packages with plenty of perks, be patient. Listen to each offer before making a final decision. One factor that is often overlooked is conditions of employment. Make sure you understand whose payroll you will be on — the agency’s or the facility’s. As an independent contractor, you’ll fetch higher wages, but this status leaves you responsible for paying for your own insurance and malpractice insurance.

Ultimately, you will want to apply to fewer than five companies. Compare and contrast the information you have gathered. Weigh the pros and cons of each company before making a final decision about where to apply. Then send in your application and expect a prompt response. Opportunities abound in this healthcare niche.

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