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Best Paying Jobs with an Associate Degree

Best Paying Jobs with an Associate Degree

Pam Strayer | AllHealthCare

So many graduates, but…so many jobs. More jobs than ever and more jobs than employers can fill. Each year 500,000 students graduate from community college with associate degrees. One in four is preparing for a job in health. And no wonder: Job growth is predicted to be huge over the next decade.

Can An Associate Degree Get You a High-Paying Dream Job in Health Care?

The answer to this question is a definite yes. In fact you can make as much as $92,000 in our #1 top career pick: Radiation Therapist. But before we dive into the details, let’s start by focusing on two different tacks to take in choosing your dream health job.

Choose from Med Tech or Patient Care

First, consider whether you’re a med tech person or if patient care is more of a calling for you.

Med tech is a hot field – with lots of changes on the way, too. Typically there is less patient contact, although in our med tech picks you will interact with patients – doing diagnostic tests.

Patient care is more intimate, and professionals in these fields enjoy personal contact with patients. If you enjoy checking for flu symptoms or deeper connections, this is the career area for you.

These aren’t the only hot jobs in health care: there are dozens more jobs. Overall the field is expected to grow more than 25% over the next 5-10 years. Visit our career centers to learn more about careers, meet people in the field online in our communities, and get up to speed about these high-paying, fast-paced careers.

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