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Big Cities, Big Bucks: Biggest Employers in America's Top Ten Cities


8. Washington, DC

In DC, you’ll meet decisionmakers in healthcare in many a bar in Georgetown. Decisions made here affect both national and global health. From policy wonks to insurance lobbyists, DC is home base for political power brokers. They hand out the money – at the National Institute of Health, the National Cancer Institute and National Science Foundaiton – and regulate and enforce health legistlation – at the Food and Drug Administration, for example. If you’re interested in healthcare lobbying, – for for profit or nonprofits – there’s no other place to be, really. And even if policy is not your thing, in DC, you’ll have a ringside seat on the coming healthcare reform show.

On the medical front, top-ranked Johns Hopkins only an hour away in nearby Baltimore, is the #1 rated Best Hospital in the country and one of the leading centers for medical research.

DC is also a heady place to be for genetic research. Craig Venter, who beat the government’s Human Genome Project to publish the first human genome sequence, in 2000 by starting his own company Celera (in Bethesda) recently also became the first to publish, in 2007, a complete (six-billion-letter) genome – his own. Could this be the perfect statement to sum up this city of the powerful who live life a little bit larger than the rest of us?

Fortunately, they have the money, the talent and the ability to pull off many a miracle, when it comes to healthcare.

Biggest Employers

1. Washington Hospital Center
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2. MedStar Health System
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3. Inova Health System
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4. Hanger Orthopedic Group, Inc.
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5. Chindex International, Inc.
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Fastest Growing Careers

1. Medical Assistant

2. EMT

3. Home Health Aide

Earnings and Employment

Healthcare Practitioners
Number Employed: 78,900
Mean Annual Wage: $69,010

Healthcare Support
Number Employed: 30,910
Mean Annual Wage: $28,030


Median Family Income: $52,454
Sales Tax: 5.8%
Job Growth: -2.34%
Median Home Price: $488,953

Number of Colleges, Universities within 30 Miles: 36
Number of Junior Colleges, Technical Institutes within 30 Miles: 13

Move Theaters: 77
Restaurants: 7,424
Bars: 398
Libraries: 220
Museums: 29
Avg. Amount Spent on Vacations per Year: $6,093

Neighborhood Demographics
Median Age: 34.9
Completed at Least Some College: 67.6%
Married: 24.9%
Divorced: 9.7%

9. Atlanta >>

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