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Red Cross Healthcare Volunteers Help in Disaster Relief

Red Cross Healthcare Volunteers Help in Disaster Relief

Workers spread a flag of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on the jetty in front of a passenger vessel chartered by ICRC to rescue passengers stranded by fighting between government forces and the Tamil Tiger rebels in Jaffna, about 240

By Renee Berg | Monster Contributing Writer

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No minimum time commitment is required to be a disaster-relief volunteer. Volunteers can give a weekend a month or several weeks a year, depending on their level of interest and availability. Brooks, for instance, volunteers while at her Massachusetts vacation home in the summer.

Volunteers may be called upon to respond to local disasters or sent out for major events such as the series of hurricanes that struck Florida in August and September 2004. Those assigned to a major disaster work six 12-hour days for two weeks. During this time, volunteers may search for disaster victims, hand out donated supplies, offer crisis counseling and first aid and guide victims to local organizations for further assistance.

Red Cross volunteers may be stationed in a shelter or at a disaster-relief hub, where they greet disaster victims and offer services. They can also work in areas without electricity or water and may contend with weather conditions that can make caregiving a challenge.

Despite such adversities, volunteers find the work rewarding. “I believe in the organization, and I see the good that it does,” Brooks says. “There’s really an opportunity to have a big impact in a direct way.”

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