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10 Tips For Nailing A Physical Therapy Job Interview

10 Tips For Nailing A Physical Therapy Job Interview

Samuel Awosolu | ArticleBase

So you’ve got an interview scheduled for a Physical Therapy job, or you’re still searching but you’re coming close? Congratulations! The chances are you won’t be the only candidate, so you need something to set you apart. Just follow these 10 Tips For Nailing A Physical Therapy Job Interview and you’ll have a great advantage over your competitors who won’t be as prepared as you are.

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Salary: $46,510 - $94,810
Min. Education: Master's
Related Careers: Occupational Therapist, Social Worker

1. Get your sales pitch ready

Do you think you’re not a “salesperson?” You are when you’re on a job interview. Your job is to sell the interviewer into thinking that you are the best Physical Therapist that he or she could ever hire. So, in order to do that, plan on being able to talk for about 5 minutes about your background, education, experience and why you’re the best candidate for the job. A five minute monologue is around 50 sentences. Prepare those 50 sentences in advance and practice, practice, practice.

2. Arrive 15 minutes early for the interview

That way you’ll have time to compose yourself, review your notes, and fill out any paperwork that may be required before your interview. Take advantage of the extra time to go to the restroom and check your appearance in the mirror. Don’t forget to check your teeth for bits of leftover lunch. Pack a toothbrush and toothpaste and give your teeth a quick brushing to freshen your breath.

3. Listen carefully to each question that you are asked and then answer those questions thoroughly

Watch out for stumbling words like “um’s” and “ah’s” and conversational slang that doesn’t belong in a business conversation when you give your answers. Be sure that you sound confident when you reply. PT Managers look for people who know what they are talking about and have the confidence to answer questions thoroughly. Don’t ramble and don’t wander off track. Answer the question and then wait for the interviewer’s response.

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