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The 10 Most Exciting Healthcare Careers


6. Medical Illustrator

One of the most creative jobs in healthcare, medical illustrators combine knowledge of the body with artistic talent. Medical illustrators create graphic representations of bodies, or body parts, for textbooks, posters, and legal proceedings. Today, medical illustrators use computer programs to help develop their art, so knowledge of graphic design programs in imperative. Illustrations are often three-dimensional and extremely detailed, and some medical illustrators choose to specialize in one area of the body because of this.

Medical illustrators must have detailed knowledge of both biological sciences and fine art. A bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement, but most employers will want a Master’s in Medical Illustration. Unfortunately, there are only five accredited master’s degree programs in the US, and they are all very competitive. You much have excellent grades and a deep understanding of art and science to be considered.

Employment is expected to grow 10 to 25% by 2016. As computer programs become more advanced, there will be a greater need for those who understand this type of software and can teach it to others.

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7. Forensic Scientist >>

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