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Top 10 Best and Worst States to Be a Home Health Aide

Top 10 Best and Worst States to Be a Home Health Aide and

Professionals in home health aide careers have the ability to move where they want and still find ample employment in almost every state. However, there are some states that are better than others. Before you take the leap into home health care, consider the average salary of your place of residence, and compare it to the rest of the country. You may be surprised to learn that you can earn almost twice as much if you move. Find out what states have the best salaries and the most job openings here.

What's Your Nightmare Healthcare Career?

1. When it comes to being in charge, you:

Love it. You love to give orders!
Think its okay. You are comfortable as a leader or a follower.
Hate it. You would rather take direction than give it.

Top 10 States with the Least Home Health Aide Job Openings

State Average Annual Job Openings
1. South Dakota
2. Delaware
3. Wyoming
4. Hawaii
5. North Dakota
6. Montana
7. Alaska
8. New Hampshire
9. Vermont
10. Nebraska

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