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Top 10 In-Demand Healthcare Occupations and

#9 – Physical Therapist

Physical therapists have the unique ability to work on all manners of patients – from the disabled, to the elderly, to those with general pain. Physical therapists impart their knowledge of the body onto their clients and aide them in becoming stronger and more able-bodied. Physical therapy is a growing occupation, especially for those who was interested in pursing an advanced medical degree but do not want to be physicians. Currently, the number of of physical therapy jobs is greater than practicing physical therapists because many physical therapists hold more than one job – such as having a private practice and also working part time at another healthcare facility.

Physical Therapist Resources

Current Employment: 173,000

Projected Employment, 2016: 220,000

Projected Need: 68,000

Overall Job Growth: 27%

Employment Change by 2016: 47,000 new jobs

#10 – EMT and Paramedic >>

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