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Sweet Perks in Health Care: Average = $25,000+

Sweet Perks in Health Care: Average = $25,000+

Pam Strayer, AllHealthCare

Forgiving student loans, super benefits and cash bonuses are just some of the incentives a recent survey found widely available to new hires in health care. Health insurance benefits, relocation reimbursement and signing bonuses could easily add up to more than $25,000, not including student loan forgiveness or additional professional training.

The 2007 study, conducted by Martin, Fletcher, looked at more than 1,000 allied health professionals and nurses nationwide. Below are some of the high-level findings.

It’s Best in the West

Overall, the western region of the U.S. is one of the highest paying regions across most allied health professional specialties.

High Value Benefits

Ninety nine percent of hospitals offered relocation benefits, with an average stipend of $5,280.

Plus, 88 percent of allied health professionals were offered full health insurance. Since the average cost of insuring an employee is more than $7,700 a year, this adds 10-20% to many allied health care salaries.

Cash Signing Bonuses

Eighty eight percent of hospitals paid signing bonuses, averaging $7,500. That’s enough to buy a new car or get out of debt from student loans, for some graduates.

Free Tuition

Full college loan forgiveness was made available to 40 percent of nurses, CRNAs and pharmacists.

Ongoing Education

Many employers also pay for additional professional training.

Surveyed Professions

Allied health specialties reviewed in the survey included:

Med Tech

CT Technology
Medical Technology
Radiological Technology
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technology

Patient Care

Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Speech and Language Pathology

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