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Top 10 Best and Worst States to Be an EMT/Paramedic

Top 10 Best and Worst States to Be an EMT/Paramedic and

One of the most fast-paced and demanding jobs in the business, EMTs and Paramedics are counted on to care for patients in the most critical moments. This job requires not only medical expertise, but also the ability to handle large amounts of stress in situations where every second counts. A job as in Emergency Medical Services may be just right for you if you thrive under pressure and know how to react quickly. Despite the demands, many are lining up to become EMTs because of the great salaries offered in many states. Who has the best pay? Find out now.

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Salary: $17,300 - $45,280
Min. Education: Diploma, Associate's, Bachelor's
Related Careers: Physician Assistant, Registered Nurse

Top 10 Highest Paying States for EMTs/Paramedics

State Salary (hourly)
1. Nevada $35.85
2. Washington $35.40
3. Maryland $29.89
4. Alaska $29.33
5. Delaware $26.53
6. New York $25.49
7. Hawaii $24.70
8. Colorado $24.70
9. Missouri $24.23
10. New Jersey $23.79

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