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How to Revamp Your Resume

How to Revamp Your Resume

Kim Issacs, Monster Resume Expert

Healthcare Degree, But No Experience

QUESTION: I anticipate graduating in June. My major is health administration (BS). Though I am actively seeking employment, I have no prior experience in the healthcare field. My question is: How do I get healthcare employers not just to look at my resume, but to also give me an interview?

WHAT THE EXPERT SAYS: Take heart — many job seekers have successfully overcome the “no experience” hurdle, and by developing your resume with potential employers’ needs in mind, you will succeed as well.

Is Your Resume in Shape?

1. When did you last update your resume?

The last time I looked for a job
Within the last month or so
Years ago

Before writing your resume, research the types of jobs you will be targeting. Scour healthcare job ads to find out which skills, attributes and qualifications employers find desirable. For example, you may find multiple job listings that mention qualities like “team player,” “excellent interpersonal/communication skills” and so forth. If you excel in these areas (and can back your claims with examples either from your academic performance or part-time/volunteer work), be sure to mention it prominently on your resume.

Your upcoming degree in health administration is also a selling point. Recent graduates without relevant experience can substitute their academic experience for real-world experience. Move the Education section of your resume to a prominent position on the top half of the first page. Incorporate important keywords into your resume by providing a detailed list of coursework completed for your degree program in your Education section. Provide details of ways that you excelled in pursuit of your degree. Do you have a high GPA? Have you earned any scholarships or awards? Did you receive high marks or praise from your professors on senior project work? Offer these details on your resume, and you will set yourself apart from the crowd.

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