Get a Job in Healthcare Without a Health-Related Degree

Get a Job in Healthcare Without a Health-Related Degree


Go Back to School

The simplest, although not always the fastest, way to get on the path toward a career in healthcare would be to go back to school. Associate degree programs and accelerated Bachelor degrees offer flexible alternatives to obtaining a second Bachelor’s degree or advancing your education with a Master’s. Many programs take 1-2 years and can be done on campus or online. Online degree programs allow you to work or have a family which pursing your education at the same time.

Perhaps you took some pre-requisite classes in college. Depending on the state, those credits are still valid and you can use them toward a second degree. Once you decide on a career path, research schools carefully. It would be a shame to re-take Chemistry 101 when the credits you earned taking it in college were still usable. Also, some classes have different names, but the coursework is the same. Look into any classes that may overlap so you are not needlessly repeating units.

Fully commit to your new endeavor. It might take some time to get back into the swing of things if you have been out of college for 15 years, but never fear – your passion for healthcare can pull you through the tough times. And just think, in a year or two, you will have landed your dream job.

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