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Find a Healthcare Job in 10 Steps

Find a Healthcare Job in 10 Steps

James Gonyea, Monster Contributing Writer

It’s no secret that you must master certain skills to accomplish anything in life. Here are 10 steps that, if followed in the proper order, can help lead to your next job. As the Chinese proverb says, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

1. Understand the Reality of Job Hunting

The right frame of mind is as important for landing a job as how you search. Here are some thoughts that will help adjust your job-hunting attitudes:

• Job hunting is all about promoting yourself and your talent.
• Know how your talent can benefit employers.
• Finding a job is a job — it takes time.
• Follow a plan, but be flexible.
• Don’t quit until you succeed.

2. Assess Yourself

Identify and write down your interests, skills, values, needs and work habits. If you know your personality, you can more easily determine the right work and employer for you.

Are You Ready for a Career in Health Care?

1. We say “school,” you think:

Bring it on!
Eek! What will I wear on the first day?
My dog ate my homework.

3. Determine Your Objectives

What type of position do you want? What job activities would you enjoy? What kind of employer is right for you? Do you have geographical preferences? Know what you want before you look; it will help you zero in on the best targets more quickly. What jobs are in demand?

4. Create a Career Portfolio

Prepare and gather documents such as:

• Sample cover letters, letters of inquiry or application, and follow-up, acceptance and rejection letters.
• Your resume.
• Letters of recommendation.
• School or college transcripts, certifications, diplomas and degrees.
• Awards and citations.

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