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How to Get Paid at an Unpaid Internship

How to Get Paid at an Unpaid Internship

Peter Vogt, MonsterTRAK Career Coach

The idealist in you wants to take that great but unpaid internship you heard about the other day. After all, it will give you critical experience in your chosen career field that will help you land a job after graduation. But the realist in you rightly argues, “How are you going to pay your bills?”

The unpaid internship dilemma is one thousands of college students face each year. Sadly, many students reluctantly pass on such internships, unaware of potential ways to get around the financial obstacles involved.

Is a lack of funding standing between you and the unpaid internship you really want? If so, look into these possible strategies for overcoming the no-money no-internship dilemma.

See If Your School Offers Grants for Unpaid Internships.

Many colleges and universities around the US have established special programs offering funding to students who want to pursue unpaid work experiences. At Barnard College, for example, alumni-sponsored internship grants are available for anywhere from $500 to $2,500. Similarly, the University of Evansville in Indiana offers Internship Subsidy Grants of up to $650. To see if your school has a similar program, set up an appointment with a career counselor or financial aid advisor.

Check Out Published Resources on Individual Grants, Scholarships and Fellowships.

Organizations around the US and world offer special programs that will help you pay for educational experiences relating closely to your career. The Harvard College Office of Career Services at Harvard University publishes a handy compilation of such opportunities, The Harvard College Guide to Grants. Another good source is the book Foundation Grants to Individuals, published by the New York City-based Foundation Center.

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