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Networking Doesn't Have to Be "Cheesy"

Networking Doesn't Have to Be "Cheesy"

Peter Vogt, MonsterTRAK Career Coach

Professors and Other Campus Professionals

Most professors are well-connected in their fields, and many keep in touch with past students who are now in the working world. Similarly, campus career counselors and other student-services professionals (e.g., residence life staff, campus activities staff, academic advisers) tend to have many contacts, on and off campus. And don’t forget the administrative assistant in your academic department who often knows everything!

Your Friends

Your best friend knows people, and his or her family members know people too. Your roommate’s mother has a sister who knows people. Your high school friend who is attending college clear across the other side of the country knows people. You get the idea.

How Healthy Are Your Networking Skills?

1. How important are first impressions?

They can make or break an interview
I can always make myself look better if I screw up at first
I dont worry about that. I look better on paper anyway

Other Trusted People in Your Life

In particular, talk to those whose line of work involves interaction with lots of people, such as your religious leader(s), your family doctor, your work-study boss or even the person who cuts your hair.

The suggestion to network is nothing more than a fancy way of saying, “Talk to people,” and there’s no rule stating that the people whom you talk to must be strangers. So when it comes to networking, don’t worry about power suits, glitzy business cards, slimy handshakes and formal lunch meetings. None of that is necessary. Instead, go with those you know.

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