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How to Develop Opportunities Through Networking

How to Develop Opportunities Through Networking


• Type all letters in business format and double check for good grammar and spelling.
• Always indicate in the concluding paragraph that you will be calling on a specific date (usually one week after you mail the letter) to arrange for a convenient appointment time. (Make sure you adhere to this timetable.)
• Maintain an organized file of all letters.

How Healthy Are Your Networking Skills?

1. How important are first impressions?

They can make or break an interview
I can always make myself look better if I screw up at first
I donít worry about that. I look better on paper anyway

Tips for the Experienced Professional

• Expand your basic network to include individuals you have known and interacted with over the past five, ten, or twenty years.
• Make a list of at least 100 people who might be helpful to you in your job search.
• Include on your list friends and relatives, past and present neighbors, former classmates, past and present colleagues, previous employers, members of professional associations, and social acquaintances.
• Since people in your network also have networks, try to link your network with theirs.
• Continue to create new contacts for your network by trying the " cold turkey " approach (i.e., the phone book).

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