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New Venues for Healthcare Careers

New Venues for Healthcare Careers

Shelly Field, Monster Contributing Writer

If you think working in healthcare is only about hospitals, healthcare facilities, physicians’ offices and clinics, think again. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a job in a traditional healthcare workplace, if you’re itching to make a career out of your different interests, maybe it’s time to consider other alternatives while still using your healthcare training.

You, like many other creative healthcare professionals, can parlay your skills, education and talent into jobs in less conventional environments. There are thousands of prospects, no matter what you do in the healthcare industry. You just have to dream them up and look for them. Here are some to consider:

• Many recording acts take nurses on tour with them to handle minor medical emergencies and dispense medications. If you love rock and roll, traveling around the world for long periods of time and living out of a suitcase, this can be a really fun experience.
• Many movie studios have nurses on the set to deal with the cast and crew’s minor injuries or medical emergencies. Doctors are also routinely used on movie sets, television shows and commercials to make sure medical story lines are credible. Additionally, some physicians become medical experts for news shows.
• Many casinos and casino hotels in Las Vegas and throughout the country employ medical personnel to handle guest emergencies, as well as staff emergencies and medical needs.
• Alcohol and drug counselors who love public speaking may want to consider a position as a spokesperson for a corporation or large nonprofit. In such a role, a counselor helps promote awareness about drug and alcohol abuse or a specific organization’s program.
• Medical products, pharmaceuticals and equipment provide a wealth of opportunities for spokesperson positions.

Hidden Job Market

Sometimes these jobs are advertised only in trade journals and local newspapers. Many may not be advertised at all because the potential employer may not want a ton of calls or resumes, or might have someone in the position who is not working out. Those who successfully find positions in the hidden job market usually are not shy about sharing their career hopes and dreams with others. They network at every opportunity.

In some cases, you may have to create a job yourself. Just because there isn’t a job, doesn’t mean there can’t be one. Show someone a need and a potential solution, and they might just hire you. For example, if you’re a physician or nurse in an area with a radio or television station, contact them with your credentials and tell them what you’re interested in doing. Pitch some of your ideas for shows and see what happens.

So, if you want your career to mix your interests and skills, talk to people and be willing to take a risk. The very worst that can happen is someone may say no. The best? You might find a new and exciting venue for your healthcare career.

This article originally appeared on Monster Career Advice.

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