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What is an Avatar and Why is it Important?


It’s easy to click “Skip This Step” when it comes to uploading a picture for a social networking site like this one. An avatar can be a big help, though, both for finding a job and networking online.

First of all, what is an avatar?


Your avatar without a picture.

Your avatar is the small picture that appears along with your user-name when you participate in activity on the site. The avatar is also seen above your user-name on your profile page. Many people use a flattering picture of themselves as their avatar, but you can use any picture you want as long as it isn’t offensive.

How can an avatar help me?

An avatar gives other users a “face” to go with your user-name. They will recognize your avatar when you participate in activity on the site like commenting on articles, posting in the forum, and making new friends. Your picture will also show up on the leaderboard.


Upload a picture for your avatar.

If you are looking for a job, an avatar can give employers a face to go with your name and resume. Make sure your photo is tasteful and appropriate, though, because employers can and will judge you based on that little photo. So if you are considering using a picture of yourself at a bar after you’ve had a few too many drinks, you might want to reconsider.

How do I create an avatar?

When you sign up for AllHealthcare, you are prompted to upload a photo as an avatar. Don’t worry – if you skipped that step, you can still create an avatar.

1. Go to your profile page

2. Click “Edit” in the box where you avatar is found.


3. Select “Browse”

4. Search for photos already in your computer. Select one. Press “Submit.” And voila! You have successfully created an avatar.

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