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Pursue a Finance Career in Healthcare

Pursue a Finance Career in Healthcare

Dona DeZube / Monster Finance Careers Expert

In addition to a four-day session for novice fraud investigators and an annual training conference, NHCAA offers an accredited health care fraud investigator designation.

Find a Stepping-Stone Job

Another way to get into healthcare is to use your finance background to move laterally into a company that provides services to the healthcare industry, such as Schaller Anderson, which consults to HMOs. Once there, you can expand your industry knowledge and later move more fully into healthcare.

“We would take an early careerist for one of our corporate functions, but not in healthcare plan management consulting,” Wilbershide says. "We would work with them and provide opportunities to expand their knowledge base.

Get Another Degree

An advanced degree can also help you get into healthcare, but be sure to earn the right one. Job candidates with MBAs are more desirable than those with a master’s in public administration or master’s in healthcare administration, Wilbershide says. “Oftentimes, the people coming out of public administration are better trained for public policy roles,” she adds. "The master’s of healthcare administration programs are for operations people, rather than financial people.

To find advanced-degree programs, visit The Association of University Programs in Health Administration.

Once you land a job in healthcare, you’re likely to find plenty of opportunity. Nearly $2.1 trillion – 16 percent of US GDP – was spent on healthcare in 2006. By 2015, healthcare spending is expected to hit 20 percent of GDP. “The Baby Boomers are starting to drive those numbers up,” Wilbershide says. "Don’t be discouraged if you’re pursuing opportunities and you don’t get them because of your lack of industry knowledge. Keep trying. There are going to be companies like ours that are interested in talent and [are] not as parochial.

This article originally appeared on Monster Career Advice.

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