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Healthcare Careers Predicted to Remain Stable Under Obama

Healthcare Careers Predicted to Remain Stable Under Obama

Georgia Price / AllHealthcare

Under President-elect Barack Obama, the health care industry will continue to be one of the safest places for jobs in an unstable economy. Occupations such as Registered Nurse, Medical Assistant, and Home Health Aide will continue to grow. There is predicted to be an especially big boost for community health clinics, who receive much of their overall funding from government grants.

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Health care reform will most certainly impact health care providers on all levels. Changes in Medicare reimbursement may increase or decrease what private physicians make, meaning their staff may be affected. Increased coverage of all individuals will hopefully mean less ER visits from individuals who do not have insurance, resulting is ERs with less crowding and more available staff for care for true emergencies. Expanded coverage also means a willingness for those who are now insured to begin seeing health care providers – more patients can lead to an increased need for medical staff such as nurses, medical assistants and medical secretaries.

While economic experts predict an increase in overall unemployment during Obama’s first months as President, they also say that there is not much Obama will be able to do even if a dramatic stimulus package is passed, reports CNN. Luckily, the estimated stimulus package will have a major focus on developing public works projects that would create new jobs – projects like the creation of roads and bridges, but also the construction of hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes, meaning an increased need for many health care professions.

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