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Virtual Healthcare Job Interview

Virtual Healthcare Job Interview

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Tell me about a time when you had to handle a highly stressful situation.

It is not unusual in the nursing profession to work short-staffed. One night, I was one of two nurses on duty, and we had 28 patients to care for. It was one of those times when everything that could go wrong did. The other nurse and I discussed the situation and did a quick priority check. She took those most in need of service on one side of the hall, and I took the patients on the other side. By partnering we kept cool and supported one another rather than criticizing and stressing. We would give each other a look from time to time to let each other know that we were hanging in there.

This is the best answer. It’s an example of a real team player who can handle stressful situations. This reply demonstrates by example the ability to remain cool and think straight when things get too hot to handle.


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