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15 Hottest Healthcare Fields of 2009

Georgia Price / AllHealthcare

Case Managers

Licensed RNs have the ability to move up to the position of Case Manger. Case managers ensure that all the medical needs to patients are met, particularly patients with chronic diseases or severe injuries. The primary role of a case manager is to coordinate patient care. They review the patient’s chart and plan of care to optimize the patient’s healthcare experience. They assess, plan, implement, and evaluate, in order to provide a better outcome for the patient. An increased emphasis on patient care, especially in the end of life, has created a demand for case managers. With little or no direct patient care, case management is ideal for a nurse who wants to impact patient care but is burned out of clinical work.

Relevant Statistics

  • Projected Need: 2.5 million (Includes all nurses)

    Projected Growth: 18-26%

    Median Wage: $42/hr

The best way to move into case management is to increase your education with a BSN or MSN. Significant experience is also very important, as there is usually a minimum number of years required in order to become a case manager.

Case managers typically work traditional 9-5 hours – much different than the 8-12 hour shifts of other nurses. They also tend to specialize in one area like geriatrics or palliative care.

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