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15 Hottest Healthcare Fields of 2009

Georgia Price / AllHealthcare

Rehabilitation Counselors

Because of healthcare workers like rehabilitation counselors, individuals with disabilities are able to live healthy active l lives. Over the last year, there has been increases research and funding directed toward not only preventing disabilities, but also creating services that help those who have disabilities ranging from Autism to PTSD.

Relevant Statistics

  • Projected Need: 60,000

    Projected Growth: 18-26%

    Median Wage: $14/hr

Rehabilitation counselors help people deal with the personal, social, and vocational effects of disabilities. They counsel people with disabilities resulting from birth defects, illness or disease, accidents, or other causes. They evaluate the strengths and limitations of individuals, provide personal and vocational counseling, and arrange for medical care, vocational training, and job placement. Rehabilitation counselors also work toward increasing the client’s capacity to live independently.

Rehabilitation counselors may work in a variety of settings, from private practices to rehabilitation centers to hospitals. A master’s degree is typically required, although licensure varies across states.

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