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15 Hottest Healthcare Fields of 2009

Georgia Price / AllHealthcare

Dietetic Technicians

Emphasis on healthy eating, fueled by the increase in organic and locally grown foods, has helped thrust dietitians and nutritionists into the spotlight. Increases reliance on dietetic technicians to assist dietitians means technicians are playing a greater role when it comes to teaching, developing guidelines, and counseling individuals.

Relevant Statistics

  • Projected Need: 11,000

    Projected Growth: 9-17%

    Median Wage: $12/hr

Employment of dietetic technicians is expected to grow faster than average, although growth in some areas such as hospitals and clinics may be curbed because few insurance companies offer to cover dietetic services. As more facilities contract with outside agencies, employment in places like nursing homes is expected to decline. However, private dietetic agencies should see tremendous growth because of increased demand.

Dietetic technicians typically have at least an associate degree. A bachelor’s or master’s degree is necessary to advance or become a licensed dietitian.

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