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Top 10 Best and Worst States to Be a Radiologic Technologist

Top 10 Best and Worst States to Be a Radiologic Technologist

Radiologic technologists take x-rays and CAT scans, administer non-radioactive material into a patient’s blood stream, and interpret the images that are produced. They may specialize in an area like geriatrics or pediatrics, or they make work with ultrasound, magnetic resonance, or computed tomography. As the population ages, the demand for radiologic technologists will increase, making this a highly desirable career path. How much could you earn as a rad tech? Does your state pay enough? Find out here.

More on Radiologic Techs

Salary: $32,750 - $68,920
Min. Education: Certificate or Associate's
Related Careers: Cardiovascualar Technologist & Technician, Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Top 10 Highest Paying States for Radiologic Technologists

State Salary (hourly)
1. Massachusetts $30.83
2. New Jersey $28.74
3. New York $28.66
4. Maryland $28.51
5. California $28.40
6. Hawaii $28.36
7. Nevada $27.88
8. Connecticut $27.84
9. Washington $27.81
10. Alaska $27.48

Wages based on median salary as calculated by

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  • Photo_user_blank_big


    about 4 years ago


    ive been looking for a job since last august in texas and still havent found 1 position open. i dont know why. ive submitted an application for every place i can think of but cant find anything. HELP!

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    over 4 years ago


    i have been looking for information on hospitals or medical facilitys that provide education for exchange of work plus pay i want to get in the medical field but i need to hold a full time job and get education i am a single mom without child support

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    about 5 years ago


    I don't know where the statistical information is coming from, but Florida does NOT have a number of openings and has not for approximately 1 year now. The other posters are correct; there are too many new graduates being spit out by schools that aren't telling them that there will not be any jobs to be had upon graduation. I have been out of work for 4 months now and haven't even had so much as an interview because as the other poster stated, there are multiple applicants for 1position.

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    over 5 years ago


    I am not a radiologic technologist but a nuclear medicine technologist. Our field is also saturated with new graduates. Only 25% of new graduates obtain positions within the state of Alabama. Other states have similar problems. There are just to many graduates each year for the small number of openings.

  • 2009_0106pumpkin0006_max50


    over 5 years ago


    Florida may have alot of openings, but the market is saturated with new graduates. It is very difficult to get a job as a new graduate. A job I interviewed for the other day had 27 applicants. I have been actively looking since May of '08.

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