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Healthcare Cover Letter Dos and Don'ts

Healthcare Cover Letter Dos and Don'ts

Megan Malugani, Monster Contributing Writer


• Provide salary information when it is not requested.

• Address a letter recipient by anything other than his name. Avoid “Dear Sirs” at all costs.

How Healthy is Your Cover Letter?

1. True or False: You only need a cover letter when a job posting specifically asks for one.


• Write a canned, generic letter that looks like it was copied from a book.

• Start the first paragraph and too many other sentences with “I.”

• Make spelling errors and typos.

• Handwrite a cover letter.

• Use shoddy paper, or paper that’s different from your resume paper.

• Cram too much information into a small space.

• Include irrelevant personal information or job experience.

• Overstate your accomplishments or contradict your resume.

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