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10 Best-Paying Jobs with a Bachelor's Degree

10 Best-Paying Jobs with a Bachelor's Degree

Georgia Price / AllHealthcare and Bureau of Labor Statistics

Health Educator

Health educators work to encourage healthy lifestyles and wellness through educating individuals and communities about behaviors that promote healthy living and prevent diseases and other health problems.

They attempt to prevent illnesses by informing and educating individuals and communities about health-related topics, such as proper nutrition, the importance of exercise, how to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, and the habits and behaviors necessary to avoid illness. They begin by assessing the needs of their audience, which includes determining which topics to cover and how to best present the information. For example, they may hold programs on self-examinations for breast cancer to women who are at higher risk or may teach classes on the effects of binge drinking to college students. Health educators must take the cultural norms of their audience into account. For example, programs targeted at the elderly need to be drastically different from those aimed at a college-aged population.

Median Salary: $53,000

Projected Need (2016): 23,000

Projected Growth: 18-26%

Job Outlook: Employment of health educators is expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations and job prospects are expected to be favorable.

Job prospects for health educators with bachelor’s degrees will be favorable, but better for those who have acquired experience through internships or volunteer jobs. A graduate degree is preferred by many employers.

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Information provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

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